Friday, June 1, 2012

My blog got a makeover!

It's something I've been thinking of doing for a while, so here it goes!
Changed the colors, fonts, titles, etc etc etc... yupyup
In my real life I've had a few changes... recently "single" (I hate that label, so I rarely use it, seems to make people think they need to send sympathy your way when really they should congratulate you for not settling for that guy that would never pay you back, left empty promises behind like used tissues, or thought my mom/dad/cousin was super hot), living on my own again (with my two girls, of course), and have a pretty good job (would be nice if it paid more, but I would like to stay with this company for a while). I've still been slacking on the crafting/beading stuffs, that should change soon. I do still have my Etsy shop, trying to keep it stocked and also stop using the economy as an excuse... (bad economy! bad! NO!)
The breakup came about after a series of things, things I told him I wouldn't take again... and after a couple of months of taking it I thought to myself "WTF are you doing?!?!?!? You know better!". What's the use of being with someone that you have to start taking an antidepressant to be with. It's not like he cheated, and he did do some things for me (though half assed & always reminded me constantly of those things) but the bad outweighed the good.
Oh, also I got a couple of plants to begin working on a container garden again. Of course that includes a mint plant, but in thinking I grabbed a tomato plant I ended up with a sweet pepper one. Good thing I like sweet peppers. A tomato plant will be my next one.
I'm also looking into investing in a wheatgrass juicer and the stuff to grow my own. And a sushi making kit and sake set, because I haven't made sushi in forever (lost my bamboo mat) and love some saki.
Oh, OH! The most important thing... I QUIT SMOKING! Yup, a few months ago I just didn't buy anymore. Someone did give me a tip on how to make myself quit, but it involved keeping up with the hours I didn't smoke. Thinking about all that time I didn't have one just made me want one even more.. I do much better ont he "out of sight, out of mind" idea... also, not buying anymore helped (don't know many others that smoke my kind helps a lot, too).
To sum up...
Things have changed, but I'm still vegan! This blog isn't just about tips and tricks, but also how my life is going... and my hair is pink. Sometimes.

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  1. Side note: One of the recent ex's parents tried to post a poorly spelled rude and completely ignorant comment here. First, I wasn't just talking about him. Second, he's lieing about me and he wanted to do those things for me. He didn't have a problem until I left him for treating me the way he did before, what caused me to leave him then, and I told him that would happen and gave him plenty of chances. I was tired of listening to his apologies. Why couldn't he just not do what he had to keep apologizing for? He made promises he couldn't keep, constantly, and accused me of things I wasn't doing. He would say he'd stop, and then within a week start again. I know I'm not perfect, but that boy needs serious help and to realize that just because all of the relationships he's been exposed to over the years were full of pain and drama doesn't mean that's the way it has to be.
    Oh, and he's still trying to get me to "talk to him about it". After all the insults, harassment, and even spamming of my email... I'm done. This stuff needs to stop before I feel safe enough around him to exchange stuff. And no, I DO NOT feel safe around him.