Friday, March 4, 2011

Avocado Update (Strange Happenings...)

After discovering there was a huge lack of sunny windowsills to place my avocado seeds in I decided to put them outside in the sun, as in the pictures in the previous post. Seems like this was a bad idea. I went to check them today to find that they were gone. Yes, gone. Toothpicks and the seeds, but not the little cups (which were still filled with water).
I'm sure the dogs or any other animal would have knocked over at least one of the cups, so I have no clue what happened. And I'm not really going to worry about it since that will honestly do no good.
I will probably wait until it gets to be a bit warmer, since this time of year the temperature fluxuate so much that it's difficult to tell what time of year it truly is without  looking at a calender...

One good thing is that my hair is pink again, though it was on accident. The red bled into the bleached part in the front (my beloved Rogue stripes) and is now bright pink. I will post pics when I am able, and of course I used Manic Panic brand in the shade of Vampire Red (which always turns pink on the bleached out parts of my hair).

Now to get back to "real world" stuffs, and fantasize about what it was like when I had time to do some crafting... beading, oh how I do miss you...