Sunday, July 29, 2012

Pancakes. & Pinterest

At first I wanted a veggie burger, but was thinking of finding a recipe and making my own.... but that passed quickly when I realized I probably already have the stuff to make pancakes.
So I did what I normally do when I want to find a recipe. I googled it.
"Easy vegan pancakes" to be exact.
And this is what I found:

Ok, so I didn't exactly have the ingredients, but close enough. Like, instead of all-purpose flour I used buckwheat flour. And I thought it said a tablespoon of cinnamon instead of a dash. I did use soy milk, and coconut oil instead of vegetable oil. Also, I did mix it a bit too much, and it made such a large batch I am going to save some of the batter to try to make pancakes later.
Buckwheat flour makes them a lot darker, so you can't always tell when they are that golden brown we look for. But they are good. I topped them with some organic strawberry preserves and agave nectar. Washing them down with chocolate soy milk just made them better.

The past couple of weeks have been kinda sucky for me. Everyone knows my allergy issues are pretty serious, and even though I've started allergy shots those can take YEARS to work. And, every once in a while, about every 18 months or so, I get so sick from them I end up going to the ER in need of an antibiotic that will actually work and not to wait for EVER in a doctors office. The worst part was that I had to work while I was sick, and my biggest symptom was a sever sore throat ( I work at a call center, of course). At least I got to sit down all day. And of course it lasted the longest of all the symptoms.
Happily, today was the first day with no sore throat.
This morning I took my girls for a long walk, and then dropped Carli back at home (she is only about 8 lbs) and took Kalifornia for a long run.
And for those who are wondering, yes all of my locks have been changed as have all of my passwords. And for whoever tried to break in after they were changed, you can kiss your own ass. Thank you :)

So now on to the other part of my title. Pinterest.
Yes, Pinterest.
On a smaller scale I'm learning how to use Instagram, though I think I will love that one more... but Pinterest.
Pinterest! Pinterest! Pinterest!
Up until recently, other than signing up for it, the most interaction I had with it was the emails I would get that someone was following me.. or something like that. But now I've decided to jump in... and that reminds me to get it set up on my phone...

Next I just need someone to teach me how to use this old sewing machine I have... or help me sell it...