Friday, May 13, 2011

New Shop is up & running... kinda...

All of the items in my old Esty shop have finally expired, and I have been working on the new one...! Yes, it is currently empty... but that doesn't mean that there aren't items on their way. A recent purchase of some hemp thread and new beads has given me creative hope, as has the pending purchase of a book on different hemp designs (I like to be able to learn on the go, and my phone doesn't always have web access in the many places I go). For some reason the hippy in me is starting to show it's self again... which I always love. I'm constantly searching for hippy clothes online, have a great desire for anything made of organic hemp, and if it isn't fair trade I give it a dirty look. 
My favorite thing about this time of year, though, is being able to hang my clothes out to dry. The smell of sunshine in my clothing beats any fabric softener out there, and is as all natural as it gets. I have an umbrella style clothesline, and it's portable and folds easily for storage. The portable part comes in handy if you're yard doesn't have one certain spot that stays sunny as it can be moved around. For those of you who read my old blog, you saw some pictures there. Sadly, those pics died with that blog, and I will have to take new ones. 
I have made a couple of new peices to go along with the new shop, but have no new pics yet. Am hopefully going to find the time to work with a friend on taking better pictures of things, and just better pictures in general. Even though my phone has an amazing camera (and takes great video, too) I just haven't used it as much as I used to. There are so many things that I loved that I let slip to the side while I hid in the darkness. I let the negativity surrounding me suffocate me until I had almost forgotten. 
Strangely, what I think pulled me out of it was getting very, very, very sick a few months ago. It lasted for about 2 weeks, and kept me out of work. A trip to the ER taught me that I had an ear infection, sinus infection, chest infection, a little strep, and whatever strain of flu that was going around at the time (I basically NEVER get anything that is contagious since going vegan, so I was shocked). Kalifornia helped to protect me from the hyperness of the other dogs and stayed by my side through almost all of it (she deserved the right to go potty, ya know). I truly felt as if I was dying, and when it was finally over I felt like a dark cloud was gone from my world... and I could allow myself to enjoy life again. So I am dating someone new, who does truly care about and want to be with me, and am slowly getting back into yoga. One small thing I really dig right now are wasabi peas... the hot kind. They can be found in many stores, especially asian ones. I have to force myself to not eat a whole can at once. 
Also, I love coconut milk but still do not care for almond milk. There was a sale at my usual grocery store so I could afford to give them a try (again, for almond milk, hoping it was the brand I had tried before). I think I will still stick with soymilk as my staple, and have yet to try hemp milk (rice milk tastes too much like rice for me, though I love rice). 
So... what is new with you guys?