Saturday, November 9, 2013

Hello everyone!
Lots has happened since my last post.

I had some surgery, but that story is for another time & another post.

I got a bad haircut.
I got it fixed, with pink (thanks Becky!!!).

I met my future baby daddy. ;)

Twice (winkwink).

Teehee... just kidding (maybe).

And I even had a birthday.

But one thing has stayed the same: I'm still vegan (duh)!

So, I was thinking... how about we sort of start at the beginning with what it means to be vegan?
The actual definition of a vegan is someone who does not use animal products in any way, food or otherwise. For me it's someone who lives the most cruelty free live possible (both definitions mean the same to me), and it is an ongoing transition into that lifestyle... the learning never ends (my fave part!).
Then what is the next step?
Honestly, I'm not sure...

They say to do what you love and you will always love what you do. While I actually do love being a customer service representative (it's my nature to help other's in some way) I do want more out of life. And who wouldn't want to combine their passion with their source of income? Add that to how tired I am of health issues and others' negativity keeping me from what I want and...well...

I guess that is my next step.
And blogging more would be part of it.

Look for my next post, it should be coming soon.