Tuesday, June 22, 2010

It's not easy... but someone's gotta do it!

Ok, so it isn't like I'm the only person that's taken the vegan-save the planet-etc lifestyle... but I'm actually pretty good at it.  One of my fave parts is helping others improve their lives as well. Sometimes it comes in handy. Sometimes it annoys the crap out of those around me. Either way, I love it.
I also love vampire novels, sunsets, and walks on a beach... so don't think the whole tree lovin' thing is all I am about. There is a lot more to me than meets the eye, as some might say.  There aren't many others out there like me... it can get very lonely but I do love being a bit different...
But, anyways....
My name is Kris but many of my friends call me Rogue. In fact, there are many that only know me as Rogue.  Yes, it's an X-men reference. No, I'm not a Sarah Palin fan (DO NOT get me started on that, jeez). Actually, if you google "RogueDecadence" (my online name, of course) you will see many links to me or things related to me. It's kind of neat. Now if I only had a kick ass entry on Wikipedia....
I've been vegan since February of 2008.  I don't remember the exact date, but I know it was a Wednesday (karaoke night at one of my fave night spots, I LOVE karaoke and yes I can sing thank you). Before becoming a full on vegan I gave up dairy.  Yup, kind of backwards from vegetarian... but I realized how lactose intolerant I was and could no longer stand it. Then I began doing research online... eventually it was the cruelty aspect that finally got to me, not to mention the prospect of eating healthier. Sure, living off things like "french fries & Bocca burgers" is technically vegan, but not the healthiest thing on the planet (though I could go for that right now...hhmmm).
So why am I vegan?
For my health, the animals, and the planet. Simple answers are great, aren't they? Just so... well, simple...lol.
When asked what I do, job-wise, I always will respond with "I make stuff".  I title myself as a maker of stuff, because it is always true. Sure, I make things like dinner and coffee, but I do make much much more. In fact, I have a shop at www.RogueDecadence.Etsy.com where I sell things that I make (mostly jewelry, for now). I am most proud of my laundry soap, though. It's just so amazing to me.  I also love to organize, but being a "professional organizer so often gets confused for a maid by others that it is almost not worth it. I do hate cleaning up other's messes... I also love to write and one day want to have some stuff published, maybe even a cookbook (vegan, of course).
Well, I'm ready to wrap up this first blog here. I'll leave you guys with an easy recipe that is soon to be a fave of all pasta salad lovers out there.

Your New Fave Pasta Salad
(I call mine "My Pasta Salad", and it is never the same each time I make it though it always ROCKS!)

-A package of your fave kind of pasta or more depending on how much you need
  I like bow-tie pasta, my mom prefers elbow... some like angel hair... it's all up to you. I like Earth Fare's brand.
-some fresh veggies
  I like carrots, cucumbers, asparagus tips (I'll steam them a bit first, but the rest can be raw) especially
-salad dressing
  This is where you can be really creative. I like Annie's Naturals Goddess dressing. Wait, like is an understatement. I could drink this stuff. Yeah. It's that good and actually vegan. Has some fat in it, but we need fat. Yes, I said it. WE NEED FAT. Everyone does. It's the kind of fat and the amount that you need to watch out for. My boyfriend (not a veg, yet....muwhahahaha!) likes to add some rice vinegar to the Goddess dressing, my mom prefers a raspberry vinaigrette.  You could even go with the basic oil and vinegar. All up to you.
Cook the pasta according to the package directions. While it's cooking, cut up your veggies as you wish. Oh, zucchini is good as well. Some people prefer to steam their veggies first, but I like them just a tiny bit steamed especially if tomatoes are involved. How do I do that? Once the pasta is done and drained (never rinse it, that's just silly) I put it back in the pot, throw the veggies on top, and put a lid on it all. You can place it back on the burner, but I turn my burner off. I don't like anything anywhere near burned. I let it sit for a bit before touching it again. This does mean you have to drain it pretty quick so the pasta and pot are still fairly warm, but it's pretty easy. I will let it all cool before refrigerating, and will wait until single servings to add a dressing if I know others might want something different (or I don't want to share my Goddess dressing, yup I'm evil like that).
Sprinkling with some nutritional yeast only makes it yummier. That stuff makes EVERYTHING yummier...