Thursday, June 14, 2012

Money might not buy happiness, but it doesn't make me cry...

I do realize that money isn't everything, but this day and age it almost is. You can't buy happiness, but you have to buy food, pay bills, etc etc etc.
If you know me, you know I stress out a lot, and a lot of it has to do with money. I've been knocked on my rear so many times that I feel deathly afraid I will run out, again, and there won't be anymore. I might get super sick or in an accident and loose my job, my car might give out and I won't be able to afford to fix it, what if my girls get sick/hurt and I can't afford the vet bill...?!?!?! Yeah, it goes on.
Yes, I have my online shop. No, it isn't doing so well. Am I doing all I can for that? No. Do I realize I could do a lot more? Yes. Do I know what all of those things could be? No. So... that stuff needs to change.
My title as a Vegan Consultant just doesn't pay the bills, though I love to help. I love seeing messages in my Facebook inbox asking about advice, and I've gotten them from some friends I never thought would ask me those kind of questions. I realize that where I am currently living (probably even the tri-state area) there isn't much of a desire for Vegan Consultants, and while I would love to try living somewhere else... well... let's just say I do feel quite stuck here.
I need to make a plan.
I need to set some goals.
I need to stick to that plan, stay in line with those goals.
Unless someone living in a more vegan & planet friendly city wants to give me and my two dogs a place to stay until we get on our feet? Anyone? No?
On a lighter note, I've set up an Instagram... account? Page? Idk what to call it, but I use the name RogueVegan. I am still Rogue, after all. So find me, and help me learn how fun it can be...

Side Note: I know some women out there who search out guys who are in a certain income class, & if a guy doesn't fit into that they won't even give them the time of day. I've never been that way, though I find it funny that some of the "brokest" guys I've dated tried to say I used them for money (how can you use someone for something they don't have?). Another reason I'm not like that is what happens when they leave? If it's just about money, there is nothing solid holding you together. Then you find yourself alone again, but this time used to a lifestyle you can't afford on your own because you've let someone else foot the bill for it all.

First plan: set a strict budget to include savings.
One thing I'm doing to help: starting a container garden again; not only does food you grow yourself just taste better, but they pay for themselves fairly quickly.
Important thing to do: get my savings back to a healthy status.

What I have to do right now: GO TO WORK! lol
What I wish I could do: laundry (I love hanging clothes out to dry) & yoga!

Good day to you all!

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