Monday, July 14, 2014

Happy Monday! (see, it's not so bad)

Things have felt quite hectic lately, and I'm not sure if it's the time of year or weather or what's going on but -according to my Facebook feed - I'm not the only one feeling it.
I wish I could fix it for all my loved ones, do something to make it better. But there are things even I cannot do... and it's weighing on me. Some call it sensitive, some say empath... whatever it is it's getting annoying and I'd like it to stop. It's difficult to keep both feet on the ground when my head is trying to fly away.
But it's ok.
This will pass.
Things always do.

The little thing that turned into a big thing that happened recently was that I tried to be ok while being around someone that once hurt me very very bad. He was emotionally abusive, and I'm very glad to be out of that situation. It's definitely further affected my ability to trust others, which may be a good thing... keeping me from rushing into things I shouldn't.
But a very dear friend is very close with this person, and he is a great friend/person in their eyes.
So I tried.
And I freaked out.
But it seems I'm good at keeping that in. Which isn't good after all because stress is never healthy...
I finally let this dear friend know the story, I got it all out, and while I don't want it to affect their friendship I thought she should know the truth about why I cannot do it... I cannot be around someone who was so determined to make me hate myself as much as they hate themselves... and physically scared me.

So I've spent this past weekend sick with a sore throat, fever, body aches, nasal congestion... all that fun stuff that goes along with my allergies. No, I can't just take a claritin or zyrtec and be done with it. First, they're crap. Second, a lot of those meds use lactose as a filler/binder which not only is a no no for vegans but I'm also allergic to... yeah. Allergic! So taking those things would just be stupid. Lots of hot tea.... lots of rest... feeling better today for sure.

If bad things didn't happen in life, we'd never get to appreciate the good.
And there is so much good. So much...

A HUGE thank you for those who have been asking about me, to see if I'm ok. No, I'm not... but I will be ;)
Thanks again <3 It helps more than you know to know people care.

And don't forget..

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